Monday, February 20, 2012

Five Steez - War for Peace (Free Album Sampler)

This Free Album Sampler is a 6-track giveaway featuring songs from the Five Steez Debut Album, ‘War  for Peace'. Although this is a Free Album Sampler, listeners are encouraged to support the music by purchasing the singles available on Bandcamp, Tunecore and other popular digital outlets.

This album is intended to guide 
people towards peace in their lives,” says Five Steez. “The title represents 
triumph amidst struggle. It is a metaphor for the ironic reality that the path 
to wisdom, freedom, peace and happiness is a tough one.”

The album’s release date is to be announced later.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee - Momentum: Volume Two

Split Tracks
Stream & Download: (Web & Mobile)

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – Rising Hip Hop artiste, Five Steez, and New York City radio icon, DJ Ready Cee, have released the highly anticipated ‘Momentum: Volume Two’ mixtape for free download and streaming at & iTunes. The 35-minute mix by DJ Ready Cee is also available as a single-track and as 17 separate tracks at the Five Steez Facebook Fan Page (

Volume One’ in the three-part series, released December 2010, clocked tens of thousands of downloads within months of its release.

I took it back to the ‘golden era’ with the choice of instrumentals on the last one and now we’ve moved up in time. It’s the same concept but the energy is crazier plus there are new flows and new styles. I had to top the first one with this. That’s the whole idea of building momentum,” says the young Kingston-based rapper.

Despite widespread local and international awareness of an emerging Hip Hop scene in the land of Reggae, Five Steez has captured the attention of numerous tastemakers in Hip Hop including the legendary DJ Ready Cee.

I’m telling you, whoever felt Volume One is gonna love Volume Two. It’s exactly the same vibe and sounds like a perfect continuation. I know it took a long while but I just had to wait for the right time,” says DJ Ready Cee.

Five Steez is one of Jamaica’s leading Hip Hop artistes gaining recognition on and off the island. He is currently working on his debut album entitled ‘War for Peace’, which will be released in 2012.

Monday, August 22, 2011

ART'ical Exposure - 'FuZion'

The 2nd installment of Manifesto|Jamaica's fundraising series ART'ical Exposure is this Saturday, August 27, 2011 at The Bob Marley Museum. The event, which is now held monthly, will be held under the theme 'FuZion'. Gates open at 6PM.

'FuZion' will highlight some of the rising poetic voices in Jamaica as well as an eclectic mix of musical artists, fusing Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B & Alternative into one exciting show.

Shaq the MC, Five Steez and Kabaka Pyramid are among some of the featured performers scheduled for the night. Also on the bill are Sezi, Deewunn & Phoenixx. Poets, Abbebe Payne, Simone C. Simpson & Radha Ruiz are to appear as well. Showtime will begin at 7PM.

Admission will be a mere $300. Proceeds go towards Manifesto|Jamaica's community projects & Festival of ART'ical Empowerment to educate, expose and empower the youth through art & culture. Patrons are also encouraged to donate additional cash or books to the organization's book drive to encourage more reading and writing among the nation's youth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Verse: The Art of Rhyming

Shaq the MC, Five Steez & Kabaka Pyramid put it down at the Edna Manley Amphitheatre last week for 'Verse: The Art of Rhyming'! Watch the footage below & check the Pree Jamaica piece from which it came. The first video is the closing of their performance which lasted somewhere around an hour. The second video is a snippet from a little earlier in this improvised set.